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Berrendos Middle School

Red Bluff, CA

Student Expectations

At Berrendos, students will:

At Berrendos, students will:

Berrendos students are expected to behave and conduct themselves in such a manner as not to disrupt the normal educational process and to continue their growth toward maturity and self-responsibility. Each student needs to assume an active role in his/her educational program to make it a meaningful experience.

  • Be considerate, courteous and respectful. Inappropriate behavior includes rudeness, back talk, swearing, name-calling, putdowns, etc.
  • Listen to and follow directions of: teachers, administrators, custodians, secretaries, instructional assistants, substitutes, and other adults in authority.
  • Follow classroom and school rules.
  • Be on time and prepared for class. Bring books, paper, pencils and other necessary classroom materials.
  • Walk in an orderly manner on campus. Inappropriate behavior includes: running, yelling, pushing, shoving, interfering with the flow of traffic, congregating or moving around in large groups. 
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to themselves. Inappropriate behavior includes: shoving, kicking, tripping, hitting, horseplay, play fighting and fighting. Public displays of affection are not appropriate.
  • Show respect for school property and the property of others. Inappropriate behavior includes: writing on or scratching school or other people’s property, or taking things without asking to borrow or use them.
  • Bring problems and concerns to the attention of an adult: Inappropriate behavior includes: talking about others, spreading rumors or hearsay, confronting other students.
  • Use materials appropriately.  Protect and respect school and personal equipment.
  • Stay in designated areas.  Once on campus students are to remain in supervised areas—stay behind the “Red Lines.”


If we are to teach and students are to learn, we must have a safe, orderly environment in which individuals show respect for one another. To achieve this, we will hold students responsible for their behavior both in and out of the classroom. Teachers, administrators, school staff, and parents must work together as a team with a clear understanding of consistent standards and procedures.  We must teach students to be responsible, to make good choices, to respond to each other and to adults in appropriate ways.  These are lifelong skills.
The purpose of the school is to provide the best education possible for all students.  To achieve this goal, we require certain standards of behavior.  At Berrendos, teachers will set, explain and post classroom expectations.  These are designed to make it possible for teachers to teach and for students to learn in a safe, orderly and healthy environment where courtesy and responsibility are important.
When a student consistently disrupts the learning process, the parent can expect that the teacher will contact them regarding the specific misbehavior.  An individual or a team conference may be requested.  Teachers may also use a series of interventions that may include restriction, after school detention or classroom suspension.  If a student’s behavior continues to be unsatisfactory, or is beyond the scope of what the teacher can reasonably be expected to deal with inside the classroom, then he or she may be referred to an administrator.
Once a student is referred to the administration, consequences may become more severe. They may include, for example: parent phone call, parent conference, break and lunch detention, administration detention, or school suspension.