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Berrendos Middle School

Red Bluff, CA

Student Handbook



Welcome to Antelope Elementary School District
Antelope School  ✦ Berrendos Middle School  ✦ Plum Valley School
This handbook serves to introduce parents and the community to the Antelope Elementary School District.  The philosophy of the Board of Trustees is that children are our focus and as such deserve the opportunity to progress academically to their fullest potential.
We welcome parents and community members to all Board meetings, School Site Council meetings, and school functions.  The Antelope Governing Board meets the third Tuesday of every month at 5:15 p.m. in the District Board Room located on the Antelope Elementary School campus unless otherwise posted.
The Board feels that your participation in these activities is an excellent way to assist your children in their education.  We strive to maintain a very enjoyable and safe school atmosphere while providing educational experiences that will benefit all our students.
Dan Boone, President             
Patricia Spangle, Clerk               
Greg Gozzo, Member          
Kevin Busekist, Member     
Shawn Snider, Member
Mission Statement
The Antelope Elementary School District staff, Trustees, students, parents, and community are committed to providing a safe learning environment that promotes academic excellence, responsible citizenship, and a lifelong desire for learning.  We will work together in order to ensure the success of all our students.
Showing up for school has a huge impact on a student’s academic success starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school. Even as children grow older and more independent, families play a key role in making sure students get to school safely every day and understand why attendance is so important for success in school and in life.  Research shows:           
●Children chronically absent in kindergarten and 1st grade are much less likely to read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade.
●By 6th grade, chronic absence is a proven early warning sign for students at risk for dropping out of school.
●By 9th grade, good attendance can predict graduation rates even better than 8th grade test scores. 
According to state law, attendance at school is compulsory until the eighteenth birthday or until graduation from high school - whichever comes first.  Students will be expected to be in class on time daily in order to receive maximum benefits from instructional programs and to develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline, and responsibility.  If a student is absent from school for any length of time, a parent/guardian must call the school office to provide the reason for the absence. 
Students are expected to be in class on time and are subject to consequences for tardiness.
Students arriving more than 30 minutes late or leaving more than 30 minutes early without a valid written excuse are considered truant and the consequences for truancy will apply.  Some examples of unexcused tardies and truancies are missing the bus, alarm not going off, or someone forgetting to pick up the student for a ride to school.
A student shall be classified as truant if absent from school without a valid excuse for 3 days in one school year or tardy in excess of 30 minutes without a valid excuse on each of more than 3 days in one school year.
If a pattern of excessive unexcused absences or tardies develops, the school will initiate contact to encourage more regular attendance.  If the problem persists, the student and parent will be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB), a truancy mediation program operated by the Tehama County District Attorney, or probation officer and/or a juvenile court.
Short-term Independent Study
Antelope Elementary School District recognizes the need for short-term independent study based on justifiable reasons.  Short-term independent study is only given for absences of 5 or more school days and must be requested by the parent or guardian and approved by the school at least two days prior to the student being absent.  Parents may obtain a short-term independent study contract from the school office.  The district does not operate a long-term independent study program.
If we are to teach and students are to learn, we must have a safe, orderly environment in which individuals show respect for one another.  To achieve this, we will hold students responsible for their behavior both in and out of the classroom.  Teachers, administrators, school staff, and parents must work together as a team with a clear understanding of consistent standards and procedures.  We must teach students to be responsible, to make good choices, to respond to each other and to adults in appropriate ways; these are lifelong skills. 
In order to provide the best education possible for all students, we require certain standards of behavior.  Teachers will set, explain, and post classroom expectations.  Students will be recognized on a regular basis for their good behavior; we believe in building the “Greatness” of all individuals.
When a student consistently disrupts the learning process, the parent can expect that the teacher will contact them regarding the specific misbehavior.  An individual or team conference may be requested.  Teachers may also use a series of interventions that may include restriction or detention.  If a student’s behavior continues to be unsatisfactory, or is beyond the scope of what the teacher can reasonably be expected to deal with inside the classroom, then the student may be referred to an administrator. 
The Board of Education has adopted uniform policies and procedures for student conduct and discipline with the goal of promoting a positive school atmosphere conducive to learning and to the safety and welfare of students and school staff. (BP51
          Jurisdiction of the school - Education Code, Section 48900 specifies those acts
            for which disciplinary action may be taken and prescribes the school’s jurisdiction
            or area of authority in matters of school attendance or activity as the following: 
(1)while on school grounds, (2) while going to or coming from school, (3) during lunch
      period even if off campus, (4) at school activities whether on or off campus, (5) during,
             while going to, or returning to school from a school sponsored activity.
Discipline is administered by support staff, teachers, and administrators.  Depending on when or where the infraction occurs, the student may be disciplined in the following manner:
Any step may be applied first
●Reset - Removal from activity or situation until student feels they can return in control of their emotions.
●Sideline - Time spent sitting away from others until student can demonstrate to teacher or support staff that they understand why their actions were wrong and they have a plan to handle the situation differently if it should occur again.
●Recess Detention - Student will spend their recess period indoors with a staff member.
●Referral to Principal
●Suspension from school (1 to 5 days; Principal approval required)
The purpose of the guide below is to help students and parents understand the types of behaviors which may result in disciplinary action.  It is provided only as an overview and is not meant to be exhaustive in scope.
Category One                                                                        Category Two
(Part of a teacher’s routine classroom                                   (Teacher phone call to parent; may
management; not normally subject to                                                  be referred to administration.)
referral to administration.)                                                       *Use of profanity
*Not doing classwork/coming unprepared                             *Leaving class without permission
*Excessive talking/talking w/out permission                           *Throwing objects
*Out of seat without permission                                              *Rudeness to teacher
*Not keeping hands/feet to self                                              *Ongoing disruptive conduct
*Tardy to class                                                                                    *Inappropriate dress
*Writing/passing notes                                                                        *Chewing gum on an ongoing basis
*Gum chewing                                                                                    *Use of personal electronic devices
*Littering                                                                                  *Unacceptable use of internet/online
*Put downs/disrespect of others                                             resource
Category Three                                                                     Category Four                                  
(Recommend immediate referral to administration                 (Requires immediate referral to
on first offense.  Student subject to suspension.)                  administration and will result in
*Inappropriate physical activity                                               recommendation for expulsion.)
*Throwing food/water                                                             *Sale of drugs on campus
*Harassment/intimidation/threats                                            *Possession of an explosive
*Arguing in public                                                                    *Possession of a firearm
*Confronting other students                                                    *Brandishing a knife
*Possession of lighter/matches                                              *Arson
*Vandalism/attempted vandalism                                           *Robbery
*Graffiti                                                                                   *Extortion
*Stealing                                                                                  *Causing serious physical injury
*Defiance/disrespect/profanity to adults                                 *Terrorist threats against employees
*Racial/gender/religious related insults/incidents                    *Assault/battery on an employee
*Fighting                                                                                  *Possession of a weapon
*Retaliation/threats for reporting an inappropriate act            *Attempting or committing sexual
*Committing an obscene act                                                  assault/battery
*Possession/use of tobacco/alcohol/drugs/paraphernalia
*Possession of a knife
While clothing may be a personal choice, there are basic standards for dress in the Antelope School District.  Students and parents should wear appropriate attire during the school day and at school sponsored activities.  The following basic guidelines should be followed:
●All clothing, including hats, must be free of depictions of violence, graffiti, racial comments, crude language, and references to alcohol, drugs, sex, gangs, or tobacco.
●No visible undergarments.
●No pajamas/sleepwear or slippers.
●Shorts & skirts must not be shorter than 3” from the top of the kneecap.  No swim shorts.
●Shirts must be long enough to touch the top of the pants while standing. No crop tops.
●Spaghetti strapped tops are not permitted. Straps should measure at least 1 ½ “ wide.
●Garments or accessories with studs or spikes are not permitted.
●Hats may be worn outdoors only and must be worn forward.
●All clothing should be free from holes, tears, or frayed edges to simulate a hole.
●Shoes must be worn at all times. Flip-flops or open-back shoes are not permitted.
●Pants or shorts must be worn around the waist.
●Sunglasses are not to be worn in class.
●Make-up is not permitted at the K-5 level.
It may become necessary at the judgment of the site administrator to modify the dress code in order to eliminate any distractions to the educational process. 
Noncompliance by any student will result in disciplinary action such as changing clothes, detention, parent conference, or suspension.
Antelope Elementary School District offers morning bus transportation for Antelope and Berrendos students. Transportation home after dismissal must be provided by parents.  Berrendos students who live within one mile of the Berrendos campus are considered within walking distance; morning busing is not provided.  Manton and Plum Valley students are bussed to and from school.
In our effort to comply with AB1297, pickup of a student other than at his/her designated bus stop requires a signed note from the parent/guardian to the bus driver with the reason for the change. 
Section 14263 of the Regulations and Laws Relating to Pupil Transportation in California states “Pupils transported in a school bus will be under the authority of, and responsible to, the driver of the bus, and the driver will be held responsible for the orderly conduct of pupils while they are on the bus or being escorted across a street, highway, or road.  Continued disorderly conduct or persistent refusal to submit to the authority of the driver will be sufficient reason for a pupil to be denied transportation.”
Bus transportation is a privilege and not a right.  The district may deny this privilege to a student if he/she engages in disruptive or unsafe behavior while boarding, riding, exiting, or waiting for the bus.  The following list of student actions constitutes violations of the established rules and regulations:
Transportation Safety, Rules, and Regulations
●Putting any part of the body out of the bus window.
●Any movement out of seats while the bus is in motion.
●Unauthorized opening, closing, or tampering of any kind with bus doors, emergency exits, and windows.
●Any type of damage or defacing of bus.
●Bringing combustibles onto the bus.
●Throwing any objects in, at, or out of the bus.
●Transporting live animals, reptiles, or insects on the bus.  (Science specimens are to be encased in safe containers (plastic or cardboard). Glass containers are not permitted.
●Eating, drinking, or chewing gum on the bus.
●Tampering with the radio or bus controls.
●Using other than the student's regularly designated bus stop.
Driver/Rider Safety, Rules, and Regulations
●Abusive body contact when loading, unloading, or riding the bus.
●Using profane language or obscene gestures.
●Creating excessive noise that distracts the bus driver.
●Failure to obey the driver and/or disrespectful behavior toward the driver.
●Riding the bus after receiving a “No Ride” penalty.
●Giving improper identification when requested by the driver.
●Improper behavior.
●Any improper bus stop procedures. Not lining up properly, rock throwing, playing in streets, and damaging property are considered improper bus stop procedures.
Verbal Warning           Warning will be recorded and dated in writing by bus driver.
1st Notice                    5 day suspension.  Notice to be signed by parent and returned to school.
2nd Notice                   30 day suspension.  Letter sent to parents and a conference with parent,
                                    student, and bus driver will be held prior to student being allowed to
                                    resume riding the bus.    
3rd Notice                   Riding privilege suspended for remainder of the school year.
The Safe Education and Recreation for Rural Families Program (SERRF) is an after-school program which provides a safe, healthy, and enriching environment for school children to participate in academic enrichment, homework assistance, recreation, social skill development, prevention activities, and youth development.  SERRF operates until 6 p.m. each day that school is in session.  For enrollment information, contact Tehama County Department of Education at 528-7381.
In accordance with California State Law, all students riding bicycles to and from school are required to wear a helmet.  For the safety of all students, bicycles must be walked while on school grounds.  Bicycles are to be kept at the school bicycle rack during the school day and should be locked with a lock provided by the student.  Bicycles are to be locked individually -  not with another bicycle.
Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, or in-line skates are not permitted on campus at any time.  Students who bring any of these items to school must have the item checked in at the office and picked up by a parent. 
The Antelope Elementary School District participates in the National School Lunch Program.  Meals are served daily and include milk.  Milk may also be purchased separately for students who bring a meal from home.  All meals and milk may be purchased monthly, weekly, or daily (preferably monthly or weekly).  Money or checks should be given to the teacher as soon as the child arrives at school. Forms for free or reduced price meals are available on the school website or in the school office. Monthly menus are posted on the school website and sent home with every student. 
Prices are as follows:
Breakfast:                                                 Regular Price $2.50                
Lunch (including milk)                         Regular Price $3.50           
Milk (purchased separately)                                      $0.50                          
A student may be involuntarily transferred for adjustment purposes to our Community Day School if he or she has repeatedly committed an act listed as grounds for suspension or has been habitually truant, has irregular attendance, or is in academic jeopardy.  All placements will be prefaced with a District Referral Team meeting which includes the teacher, parent, student, and administrator. 
It is vital for the school to have a current address and phone number(s) for every student. Please notify the office as soon as a change occurs. If there are special circumstances within your family that the school should know in order to provide for your student’s safety, please provide the office with the proper legal documentation.
The delivery of balloons, flowers, etc. disrupts the educational process.  Please do not bring or send these gifts to school.  If a student receives such gifts, they will be notified to pick them up from the office at the end of the day. Outside vendor deliveries are not permitted.
As part of our district emergency plans, we will periodically practice evacuation and lockdown procedures at all of our campuses.
Earthquake Drills
At the signal for an earthquake drill, which is a long, sustained bell ring, assume a protected, covered position.  Maintain this position until the fire drill alarm signals evacuation or a return to studies.  Follow the same procedure for evacuation as that for fire drills, making sure there is no talking at all. Students should follow the instructions of the teacher at all times.
Fire Drills
Directions for evacuation of the buildings are posted in each classroom.  During a fire drill, there must be no talking or disturbance of any kind.  Students shall leave their room single file, walking quickly and quietly, following the designated route shown on the school evacuation map posted in the classroom.  Students are to stay in their assigned area with their class and teacher until directed to return to the buildings.
Lockdown Drills
In the event of an intruder on campus, a hazardous environmental situation, or police activity in the vicinity of the school, a loud distinctive blast will be sounded from the office.  Students are to immediately enter the classroom or office closest to them and take cover away from the windows.  If students are outside, they are to follow the directions of the staff outside.  This is not a time for jokes or excessive talking.  Take cover and wait for further directions.
School Cancellations
In the event that school must be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions or emergencies,  school personnel will send an automated phone call to all households and post notification on the school website.  Local radio and television stations will provide information by 6:30am (KQMS, KVIP, KSXO, and TV Channel 7). Please do not call these stations directly as it makes it impossible for staff to get messages to the announcer.
In order to enroll a child in school, parents/guardians must present an immunization record meeting all California requirements or a Personal Belief Exemption Waiver signed by a physician.
Students should label all personal articles.  Any found items are to be given to a teacher or taken to the school office immediately.  The school office will provide a receptacle for found items. Students and parents may check the “lost and found” for their own items in order to claim them. Every effort will be made to return items that are labeled with a name.  Items will be kept for a reasonable amount of time and then donated to charity. 
Education Code Section 49423 states “any pupil who is required to take, during the regular school day, medication prescribed for him or her  by a physician, may be assisted by the school nurse or other designated personnel if the school district receives: (1) a written statement from a physician detailing the method, amount, and time schedules which such medication is to be taken and, (2) a written statement from the parent or guardian of the pupil indicating the desire that the school district assist the pupil in  the matters set forth in the physician’s statement.”
Please be aware that this education code applies to over-the-counter medications also.  A written physician's authorization is necessary for any medications to be given during the school day. This includes ibuprofen, cough syrups, cough drops, decongestants, etc.  Parent permission is not adequate for over-the-counter medicines.  Under no circumstances will any medication be given at school unless the Education Code for administration of prescribed medication for pupils is followed.
Medication authorization forms for physician signature are available in the school office and on the school website.  There are very few instances when administration of medications at school is necessary.  Even antibiotics that require administration four times a day can be scheduled for home supervision and do not need to be brought to school. 
Requirements for dispensing of medication at school:
●Proper paperwork is submitted to the school office.
●Medication, both prescription and over the counter, must be in the original container.
●Medication must be delivered to the school office by the parent or guardian.
Each school site has a volunteer parent/community organization; these clubs sponsor many activities at their respective schools site.  They support both instructional and extracurricular programs as well as contribute to field trips and special projects.  Membership is open to everyone; meetings are held monthly.   Please inquire at the school office for more information.
●The Antelope/Berrendos Booster Club (ABBC)
●The Manton School Community Club (MSCC)
●The Plum Valley Booster Club (PVBC)
Each school year is made up of three grading periods.  Progress reports are sent home at the sixth week between trimesters.  Report cards are sent home at the end of each trimester. Progress reports and report cards are mailed home for Berrendos students; all other students will bring reports home with them from school.
Parent conferences are held during the first week of October for the purpose of discussing student progress. Parents may request conferences with teachers and the principal at any time. 
The School Site Council is a state authorized advisory committee composed of parents, teachers, administrators, and community members.  Its purpose is to examine the school district’s overall vision for students, annual goals, and specific actions the district will take to achieve the vision and goals.  If you would like to be a part of this collaborative effort, please contact the school office. 
For a nominal fee, parents may purchase accident insurance.  The forms will be sent home at the beginning of the school year.  (Under Ed. Code 35330, the school is not held liable for injuries by students while under school supervision.)  If a student is injured, the parent will be contacted to determine if medical attention should be sought.  In an emergency situation, an ambulance will be called and parents or other specified emergency contacts will be notified. 
All students who participate in sports, field trips, or any other extracurricular activity are required to provide insurance information prior to participation.
We are very excited about the new learning experiences made possible by technology advances in the classroom. Included in these advances will be e-mail accounts created for educational purposes only.
With parental permission, all students will have Google-for-Education e-mail accounts to be used for classroom activities. These password-protected accounts will be accessible both on school computers and home computers with Internet connections.
Terms of Use
School assigned e-mail accounts are to be used only for educational purposes.
Students are responsible for the appropriate use of their account.
E-mail accounts will be monitored by staff, faculty, and administrators.
E-mails are not to be considered private.
E-mails shall not be used in any way that could be considered: damaging to another’s reputation, abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, offensive, threatening, harassing, illegal, or contrary to School or District Policy.
Abuse of e-mail accounts will result in disciplinary action.
Use of e-mail accounts may be suspended at any time.
Students shall not attempt to read, delete, copy, or modify e-mails of others.
Students must immediately report any inappropriate e-mails or inappropriate use of the e-mail system to his/her teacher or an administrator.
Students are entirely responsible for the confidentiality of their passwords.
Parents may request the termination of their student’s e-mail service at any time.
No personal information such as last names, street addresses, phone numbers, Student ID numbers, Social Security numbers of the student or any other student shall be e-mailed or in any way be posted on the Internet.
Limitation of Liability
Antelope School District is extremely concerned about the safe and protected education of your students. Diligent efforts will be made to monitor and safeguard  student digital activity. The e-mail service is, however, provided by an outside vendor (Google), which the District cannot control. Google has sophisticated filters in place, but no automated system is perfect. Antelope School District is not responsible or liable for any threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive or illegal content or conduct of any other party or any infringement of another's rights.
Office phones are not for student use except in the case of emergencies or as directed by school personnel.  Emergencies do not include calling for schoolwork, books, musical instruments, or to make social arrangements. 
Adult visitors are welcome at school under the following guidelines:
●All visitors must sign in at the office and obtain a visitor pass when entering school.
●Visitors not related to a student in the classroom must be pre-approved in writing by the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) and school administration.
●Visitors are requested to schedule no more than two (2) thirty minute visits per week in order to maintain the instructional integrity of the classroom.
●All visitors agree to maintain the confidentiality of all students in the classroom.
●Any disruption by a visitor will result in termination of that individual’s visits.
Any individual 18 years of age or older visiting a classroom for more than two (2) thirty minute occasions per week is considered a volunteer pursuant to Education Code sections 35021, 45106, 45349, and 49406, and as such, must provide proof that
            he/she is free of active tuberculosis and obtain a LiveScan fingerprint clearance. See
            volunteer information below.                    
●Volunteers may assist certificated personnel in the performance of their duties, in the supervision of students, and in instructional tasks which, in the judgment of the certificated personnel to which the volunteer is assigned, may be performed by a person not licensed as a classroom teacher.  These duties shall not include assignment of grades to students.
●Volunteers may supervise students during lunch, and/or breakfasts, or may serve as non-teaching aides under the immediate supervision and direction of certificated personnel to perform non instructional work which assists certificated personnel in the performance of teaching and administrative abilities. 
●Volunteers may work on short-term facility projects pursuant to Governing Board policy and administrative regulation.
●Frequency and duration of volunteer work to be determined by the classroom teacher, principal, and/or superintendent.
●A volunteer shall obtain both a Department of Justice and  a Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal background check through the district business office. 
●Volunteers must submit evidence of an examination within the past 60 days to determine that he/she is free of active tuberculosis.  Volunteers who test negative shall thereafter be required to take a tuberculosis test every four years in accordance with Education Code 49406.          
●Any volunteer who supervises, directs, or coaches a student activity program is required to obtain an Activity Supervision Clearance Certificate from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  Student activity programs include, but are not limited to, scholastic programs, interscholastic programs, and extracurricular activities sponsored by the district or a school booster club, such as cheer team, dance team, drill team, and marching band.  This requirement shall not apply to volunteer supervisors for breakfast, lunch, or other nutritional periods or to volunteer non teaching aides under the immediate supervision and direction of certificated personnel pursuant to Education Code 35021.
The principal is authorized to withhold a pupil’s grades or transcript when the following conditions exist:
1.The pupil has willfully cut, defaced, or otherwise mutilated or failed to return, upon request, district property in the pupil’s possession.
2.Damaged textbook(s). Students must pay for any damaged textbook(s).  A charge of $5 per corner will be assessed for severe damage.  Total replacement cost will be charged for damage to the spine of the book. 
3.Nonpayment of any debt the student has incurred during the school year including meal charges.
The principal shall notify the parent/guardian in writing of the pupil’s alleged misconduct before withholding the pupil’s records and shall hold the parent/guardian personally responsible for payment of damaged property.
When, in the judgment of the administration, the minor and parent/guardian are unable to pay for the damages or to return the property, a program of voluntary work for the minor in lieu of the payment of monetary damage may be provided.  Upon completion of the voluntary work program designated by the principal, the grades or transcripts of the pupil shall be released.
The following items are available on the Antelope Elementary School District website and available upon request from the school office:
·        Field Trip Permission Form
·        Medication Authorization                    
·        School Lunch Application
·        Special Meal Accommodation
.   Student Email Agreement
.   Immunization Exemption Waiver
·        Academic Honesty
·        Excused Absences
·        Head Lice Policy
·        Pest Control Notification
·        Students’ Civil Rights
·        Uniform Complaint Procedures
·        Bell Schedule
·        School Calendar
.   Supplemental Information for Your Campus